Enell Sports Bra Sizing

When you are purchasing an Enell Sports bra there are a few important things to know. The sizing is very different that other sports bras. Enell sports bras are sized from double zero to an eight, and that is not standard sizing. If you are an Enell size double zero than you should measure from a 32c to a 32 DD. If you are an Enell zero, than your bust size should measure from a 32 DDD to a 36C. An Enell size one is a bust size 34DD to a 36 DD. An Enell size two is a bust size 36DDD to a 40C. Enell size three is a 38DD to a 40DD. An Enell size four is a 40DDD to a 44DD. Enell size five is a 42DDD to 46D. An Enell size six is a 46DD to a 48DD.  Enell size seven is an actual bust size of 48DDD to a 50DD, and an Enell size eight is a 50DDD to a 52DD.

It is very important that when you choose an Enell sports bra size that will be fit you that you know your correct measurements. It is highly recommended that you get measured before purchasing any bra. You want to be able to order the correct size and it fit the way it is designed to fit. If you go to small the bra will fit you too tight and you may feel uncomfortable. If you go to large you won’t experience the right amount of tightness that will lift you up and keep you firm.

After choosing the right size bra that best fits you, you should feel like a whole nother woman. You will feel uplifted and maybe like you’ve had a breast job. You will definatley be turning some heads as well, and for all the right reasons. When choosing the right Enell Sports bra that will fit you best you must pick the correct measurements, otherwise having a bra that doesn’t fit you correctly does you no good. Enell sports bras are great way to give any woman confidence about her body while still maintaing comfort.